Sister to Sister


Sister to Sister

 Mentor - ship Program




         The Sister to Sister mentorship program of Images aims to provide a support system for first year women of color  and supporting advocates who are embarking on their college experience.The term mentorship is somewhat ambiguous, though. What does it mean to be a mentorship program? What does it mean to provide a support system?

        College is about achieving a higher-level of education, not only what one learns from the text book, but what one learns about herself and how to live independently. College students often find themselves at a loss when their home environment and structure is no longer in place. For this reason, the Images Sister to Sister mentorship program is here as a support, as you proceed to find your own structure and balance in college and in life.

The Sister to Sister Mentorship program provides support for life structure and balance: academically, socially, spiritually, and physically.

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