The Women of Images

The Flower and Colors of the Women of Images







Purple and Silver






Enjoy your freshman year because it's the best times you will have, the work just gets harder as you progress. SO ENJOY!!!!, but still go to class and stay positive:-)

Welcome to the Home Page of the

 Women of IMAGES!


      The Women of Images welcome you to our website. We serve as a support program for the incoming and current women of color in the campus community. IMAGES also serve to further cultural awareness on the college campus and in the surrounding Wooster community.

       In this program, first year women have the opportunity to learn from upper-class women about the many adjustments needed in the transition from high school to college. The members of the IMAGES program also share in the responsibility of planning and implementing campus wide events which serve to increase campus awareness of the contributions made to America by Women of Color.

             We encourage you to take advantage of all that we have to

offer and get involved.



We Are a Family!



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