Advice and Questions


Words of Advice From an Upperclassmen

Nadia Reese ‘12

1. Always ask questions if you need to know anything. You don't want to walk around in the dark because you’re afraid to speak up.

2. Take advantage of the resources that are provided to you by the college. (Especially with the cost, you better! LOL)

3. Procrastination is the devil!!! I wish I would have known how good it feels to just relax and be stress free when you just complete your assignments when you receive them.

4. Finally, college isn't supposed to scary. You have to enjoy it so loosen up, and enjoy this crazy ride. AND EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!


Commonly Asked Questions

What Should I bring? 


When I was shoppping for dorm stuff I used the bed bath and beyond checklist, and that seemed to be really helpful so I am sharing it with you all. Hope this helps some!!!


What are the Weekends like?

Well Wooster in its self is a very small town, on the weekends most of the fun occurs on campus. There are the occasional trips to Walmart, Khols…etc. There are some churches in the area for Sunday worship for those interested. In general, compared to the weekday, weekends in Wooster are pretty relaxed.


What are the classes like?

My advice is attend class, it is really hard to keep up if you miss a lot and it will reflect your grade. If you do not understand something use office hours. Professors say they really enjoy that. College is not like high school, the workload can be difficult but it is manageable.


Best and worse professors for classes?

If you are interested in a class and you want to know whether the professor is good, it’s best to ask an upperclassmen. They have been here longer and can most likely tell you.


Diversity ????

Though Wooster has worked hard to diversify the campus, once you get here you will notice quickly that the campus is predominately white. Depending on your background it may be easy to adjust to this transition. For me personally it took a while but it’s not impossible. There are several programs on campus along with IMAGES that help with this transition.

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